The transparent charity interface

The aim of Charity Alfa to make donation transparent, simple and easy to follow, from the beginnings. Basically, a none-privacy blockchain can be a good basis for such a traceable tokenized fundraising system.
Account names used on the EOS network make the name of the account easy to remember so you don’t have to bother with public keys. Thus an EOS account name, created by a charity can accurately reflect which organization’s account is that.
Of course, this is just an easing and nothing extra special.
The token of the Charity Alfa system is the CRG token, performing multiple functions (you can find more info about it in other articles). Here we can say that from the donor side, the CRG token embodies the charitable goals and organizations.
EOS, as a major crypto currency, is included in the system as an instantly convertible asset (you can change it into USD, EUR, etc.)

Charity Alfa Transparent Donation Interface

In the Charity Alfa System, donations can be sent to the recipient in EOS for EOS donation addresses created for charity organizations or support purposes.After receiving the donation, the system rewards the donor with CRG tokens (the gift token of the Charity Alfa system).
In this case, the CRG tokens are returned to the donor’s account as a reward for the real cash donation.
The CRG liquidity of the Charity Alfa Donation System  is provided by the Charity Alfa Market, but the traditional donor does not need to know the operation of the Charity Alfa Market in order to make donations.Outside the Charity Alfa Market, CRG tokens would be available, and can be exchanged from the end of 2019 on external crypto currency exchanges.

Of course, traceability and transparency are a lot of work to do, and the organizations need to be able to pay for the essential assets they need for their charity organization, for example, by using EOS crypto currency.
To do this, Charity Alfa itself is a small point in the world, but we believe that an initiative and implementation can greatly boost the modernization of the donation world.